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Ground Pendant
Normally $34.00 Now $25.50
The Ground Wellness Energy Pendant emphasizes the lower chakras for focus and energy.
Flow Pendant
Normally $34.00 Now $25.50
The Flow Wellness Energy Pendant emphasizes the higher chakras for inspiration, meditation, and more lucid dreams. 
Get Both Pendants!
Normally $56.00 Now $42.00
Normally $34.00 Now $25.50
Normally $34.00 Now $25.50
Normally $56.00 Now $42.00
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Watch the Video
Demonstration of Pendant with Aura Camera
This video was shot at the International New Age Trade Show with the Guy Coggins Aura Camera. He took one of the Wellness Energy Pendants to see how his camera responded to it and came back with this video.
We know that most people who are reading this initially think the pendant won't work for them. We understand. This is a totally new idea and it certainly hasn't been accepted into mainstream (yet). The same thing happened with acupuncture. Initially, it was considered a "quack" modality.

Our experience has been that most people will notice something and experience something positive, some people right away, and others will wear a Wellness Pendant for a couple weeks and, after taking it off, will notice an immediate drop in energy. That's why we give an unconditional 30-day guarantee. No risk on your part. If it doesn't work for you, send it back for a full refund. 

Even if it doesn't do anything else for you, it's still a cool pendant and conversation piece that we know you'll love wearing.
What are Wellness Energy Pendants?
A technological breakthrough from Asia that have the ability to help balance the energy meridians of the body. They are embedded with frequencies that are believed to stimulate the bio-fields of the body. 
"I'm at a point where I wear it all
the time and I really love it!"
Ted Morter
Chiropracter, Arkansas
How do they work?
Here's the technology behind the Wellness Pendants. They are put into chambers, and inundated with certain specific frequencies which resonate with the bio-field of the body. 

When they are removed from the chamber, the molecules of the pendant retain the frequency, so as it's brought in proximity to the body, it resonates and creates balance. 
"I seem to be able to focus better in whatever
I do and go deeper in meditations as well"
"I space out a lot, my energy level is usually lower than I would like it to be and my attention span shorter. I picked Model A and wear it constantly, and I wear both Models only when I meditate or when I go to sleep. After having been wearing them for over a week, in general my energy level has increased, thoughts became clearer, willpower strengthened, and I seem to be able to focus better in whatever I do and go deeper in meditations as well. I don't think I would ever want to take them off! :)"
Siaoning JHang
Taiwan Fire Dancer
How can I know it will work for me?
We've sold thousands and offer our customers a 30-day guarantee. We have less than a 1 % return rate. Many of our customers send us amazing testimonials, some of which are included as you scroll down. 
"Moved her from excited and tense into
much more peaceful... contemplative energy."
Barbara Criswell
Owner Aquarius Books, Kansas City, MO
What's the difference between Ground and Flow?
The Ground and Flow differ as follows: The ground has 4 stones - tourmaline, germanium, and mixed minerals. The Flow has germanium and 2 north-pointed magnets. 

The Ground emphasizes the lower chakras for focus and energy. The Flow emphasizes the higher chakras for inspiration, meditation, and more lucid dreams. 
"She was wearing it for a while and
had a permanent shift to her aura!"
Vision Quest, Scottsdale, AZ
Is there scientific proof that they work?
Not that we know of. The process by which they are made is proprietary. Guys Coggins invented an aura camera (you can see the video above) and we have included some "before and after" pictures taken with his camera. We believe the pendants are obviously doing something significant. Millions have been sold in Asia.
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